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Focus on the Positive

13 May 2014

Worried about the world’s problems? Here’s a chance to hear solutions and decide which ones might work. Four researchers will present their ideas to make our world a better place, and you get to choose which projects to fund.

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No pilot, no problem?

21 May 2014

What would you do with a drone? Are they safe? Will drones erode your privacy? Who stands to benefit from civilian drone applications? Come along to have your say!

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‘YES!’: autism, music and ethics - Fully Booked

18 June 2014

What does it mean to be non-verbal and yet have a voice? How can music be useful to non-verbal autistic individuals? Join us to experience the interactive graphic story ‘YES!’ and discuss these cross-disciplinary issues.

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The Science Museum's Dana Centre is an adult-only venue that lets you explore issues in contemporary science through dialogue, interaction, performance and art whilst enjoying food and drinks in our fully-licensed café-bar.

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  • Food by Fraud

    Could you use smell alone to detect the hidden ingredients in a specially created menu? Can you beat the expert tasters and the machine?

  • Going Neutral

    Carbon offsetting? That is so last-year! View the show about infidelity offsetting and see the post-show debate on carbon economy.

  • What is Creativity?

    We take an original and inventive look at the possibilities...

  • Static Shadows

    Discover how an invisible physical phenomenon has been revealed within an amazing textile-static mirror.

A passionate and irreverent forum for people from all backgrounds and occupations

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Veggie Might

"Could going veggie save the planet?" - The Dana Team

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Dinner@Dana: Social Surveillance

"Has the rise of social networking sites really improved your social life?" - The Dana team

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Climate (Mis)behaviour

"Which strategies would be most effective in creating the behavioural changes necessary to reduce climate change?" - The Dana team

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Melanin Effects, Not So Black and White

"The chemistry of melanin is important in dermatology, ophthalmology etc etc. These topics were only touched upon. Why anyone can think of the skin classification system as racist is beyond me!..." - Matthew

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