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No two days will be the same at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre. We take a fresh, no-holds-barred look at the biggest issues in science today in our stylish, purpose-built venue in London (UK). Our adults-only events offer you the chance to take part in exciting, informative and innovative nights connecting contemporary science, technology and culture.

With test tubes safely locked away in the lab and the kids tucked up in bed, the Dana Centre takes science as you know it and gives it a good shake. We blend the best from science, art, performance and multimedia to provoke discussion.

Enjoy a night of artistic licence as Edinburgh-Fringe-style stand-up comics debunk science myths, beatboxers take you on a musical journey all from the mouth and artists use bacteria to generate art. Get hands-on in our test-lab nights. Vent your views in conversation with others at our dialogue events. Or come face-to-face with leading experts in challenging issues facing modern science.

Events here focus on themes that are important to you and present them in new and attractive ways - all in a lively, informal atmosphere. See your world differently... check out what's on at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre.

The Science Museum’s Dana Centre is a collaboration between the British Science Association, the European Dana Alliance for the Brain and the Science Museum. It is part of the Wellcome Wolfson Building, which is supported by four principal donors - the Wellcome Trust, the Wolfson Foundation, The Dana Foundation and the Garfield Weston Foundation.

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Curious About Technology?

Discover the Dana Centre TechKnowbook series. Each book brings to life a particular area of technology and takes an informal look at where we are now, where future developments will take us and how they will affect us as individuals and as a society. Find out more.