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Chimps, apes, humans – what’s the difference? If it’s down to the genes, does sharing 99.4% of our genetic material mean that chimps are people too? Watch the programme then join Horizon editor Andrew Cohen and presenter Danny Wallace in discussion.


Leslie Knapp, Director of Primate Immunogenetics and Molecular Ecology, Cambridge University
Dick Taylor, Producer of 'Chimps are People too'
Mark Thomas, Genetic anthropologist, UCL
Danny Wallace, Presenter of 'Chimps are People too'
Facilitator: Timandra Harkness

about the programme

Chimps are people too!

Danny Wallace is on a mission to convince the world that chimps are people too. He believes the time has come to make our hairy relatives part of the family.

The programme will be broadcast at 9PM on BBC Two, 10 October 2006.