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Religion and science have long been thought of as incompatible ways of viewing the world: religion is the domain of faith, while science is based on evidence.

But are these two viewpoints really so different? Many great scientists throughout history have been devout believers, and this is still true of some scientists today. Is it possible to pursue scientific discovery and still have faith in a higher power?

And what about the great conflicts between science and religion? Galileo and Darwin both faced tremendous opposition from religious leaders of the day, and now we only have to look to the creationism and intelligent design movements in the USA to see that religion and science are still at war.

But is this how it has to be? Is it true that religion knows all the answers, while science is still trying to find them? Can science tell us everything in this modern world? Or do we need to find our own way of bringing the two together?

Join us to decide what you believe. Find out what religion and science have to say to each other, and how we can reconcile the two in the 21st century.

Event organised by
The European Dana Alliance for the Brain and Imperial College


Nick Goulding, William Harvey Research Institute
Bruce Hood, University of Bristol
Lewis Wolpert, University College London
Albert Weale, University of Essex

Claire Fox, Institute of ideas