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Wanna play? Dinner@Dana’s new series explores the science and psychology behind fun and games. We start by looking into the psychology behind one of the world’s biggest addictions: gambling.

Dr Jonathon Parke, psychologist and lecturer in gambling studies, joins us to discuss what gambling and gambling addiction really are. Britons make up a third of online gamblers in Europe, so are we as a nation becoming more addicted? Find out why gambling is so addictive and analyse the traits of people who are more likely to get hooked.

Perhaps it’s not all down to us… what about the game creators? Is it possible to design a game with the purpose of making it addictive? How do game designers go about it? Or maybe it’s our environment that contributes to the addiction?

The number of people gambling in the UK is increasing every day. Join us at Dinner@Dana to find out why, and what we can do to prevent ourselves becoming hooked on the buzz of winning.

Dinner@Dana is part of the Café Scientifique network. Meetings aim to stay outside of the traditional academic context by creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere in which to discuss scientific issues. The night involves a talk and a question-and-answer session, broken up by intervals allowing you to purchase dinner and dessert. These Cafés provide a place for everyone to explore the latest ideas in science, technology and medicine.

Event organised by:
Café Scientifique


Jonathon Parke, Centre for the Study of Gambling, University of Salford