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Adult obesity rates have almost quadrupled in the last 25 years in the UK. What role do our increasing sedentary lifestyles play in this? Have video games and hours spent in front of the TV made us fat and lazy?

Join us for a night of game-playing and discussion, looking at whether physically interactive video games could help make you fitter and healthier.

Exercise expert Tim Cable will be testing how many calories people burn doing a range of physical activities live at the event. How will a brisk walk compare against playing the brand-new game Wii Fit?

Games writer Margaret Robertson will guide you through the history of healthy video gaming. Discover why games to make you healthy have never quite caught on and what might be about to change...

Andy Jones is an obesity expert. He’ll be on hand to chat to about just what is driving the rise of obesity in our country and whether we are all destined to become couch potatoes.

Come along to take part and discover for yourselves how playing games could change your health. Find out if the experts hold the answers...


Tim Cable, Professor of Exercise Physiology, Liverpool John Moores University
Andrew Jones, Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia
Margaret Robertson, writer and consultant on computer and video games

This event is supported by Nintendo.

Event organised by:
The Science Museum

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