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Explore string theory’s equations, aesthetics and cultural connections.

Join us as Flow Motion (multimedia artists Anna Piva and Edward George), David Berman and James Sparks discuss their collaboration and its themes: dimensionality and experience, space and perception, representation and transformation.

Stay with us for an audio art performance of soundscapes and improvisations based on the transformation of string theory equations, produced by Piva and George during their research residency at Queen Mary’s School of Physics. Flow Motion will be joined for the performance by a quartet of classical and improvising musicians.


Dr David Berman, theoretical physicist, Queen Mary College, London
Edward George
Anna Piva
Dr James Sparks, mathematician, Oriel College, Oxford


Alison Blunt (violin)
Chris Cullen (flute, saxophone)
Edward George (electronics)
Grahame Painting (cello, guitar)
Anna Piva (electronics)
Mark Sanders (drums)

Event organised by: Flow Motion