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Your baby may have tiny feet but it leaves a large carbon foot print and can have a considerable environmental impact.

What can we do to make that footprint smaller? Are ‘green’ products really all that eco friendly? Is organic food or cottons really worth the price tag? Can we reuse and recycle our way to sustainability?

We have brought together environmental experts with wide range of knowledge for you to talk to about the complex issues around green parenting.

Join us with your tiny tots, we will provide distracting activities so you can enjoy an in depth discussion with our eco experts.

The event will be held in the Things Room on the basement floor of the Science Museum.


Annalisa Barbieri, a Columnist for the Guardian.


Paula Owen is an expert in energy sustainability and the writer of My Year of Vintage, a blog about her families decision to reduce their consumption and be less wasteful.

Tracy Currer is a founder of, a website allowing members to form communities and borrow items and services from each others. The aim is to reduce their members’ affect on the environment by pooling their resources.

Terry Coleman, Technical Director at Environmental Resources Management (ERM), is an expert in life cycle assessments, a technique for looking at a product's environmental impact at every stage of its manufacture, transport and use. He wrote an in-depth assessment of the impact reusable and disposable nappies can have.

Sam Adams is the Low Carbon Farming Project Manager at the Soil Association. He is an expert in the climate impact of different farming methods.

This event is part of the Climate Changing programme, which is supported by:

Principal sponsors Shell and Siemens

Major sponsor Bank of America Merrill Lynch and major funder The Garfield Weston Foundation

With additional support from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Patrons of the Science Museum and members of the Founders Circle: Climate Changing programme.

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