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Collin is about to go into surgery and has many questions. Will I feel anything? What will I remember? Do I need to be unconscious?

Most people who go through surgery have vague recollections of their experience, others have more distinct memories.

Watch the Dana Café turn into a mock operating theatre for the evening, and see a patient’s experience through the watchful eyes of anaesthetists as they take Collin on his journey from awareness to numbness.

Doctors will discuss with you how they juggle the delicate balance between mind and body and answer your questions in a free-flowing discussion about anaesthesia, consciousness and pain.


Dr Andrew Morley, Consultant Anaesthetist at St Thomas’ Hospital, who will talk about consciousness and general anaesthesia

Dr Amit Pawa, Consultant Anaesthetist at St Thomas’ Hospital, who will discuss when do we really need to be knocked out?

Please be aware that filming and photography will be taking place during this event.

Image: Flickr/ MilitaryHealth