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War and technology drive one another, and the results affect us all. Complete with an artist in residence and World War One trench songs, this thought-provoking evening will combine debate with artistic insight to explore the controversial relationship between war and innovation.

Can drones numb the emotional impact of taking a life? Can they ever be defended in moral terms? Debate the ethics of modern military combat.

From prosthetic limbs to the world's first hand-held calculator, experts from across London will be on hand to introduce us to some of the most unexpected products of war, many of which remain essential to us today.

Join us to ask the essential questions around war, invention and humanity itself

Peter Lee, Portsmouth University

Neil Faulkner, author of 'No Glory'

Stewart Emmens, Science Museum

Catherine Walker, Wellcome Collection

Orla O'Donnell, Wellcome Collection

Nick Booth, UCL

Kathy Tubb, UCL

Matthew Crampton, poet