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Punk Science combines the talents of comedian Jon Milton, actor Dan Hope and drummer Bradford Gross. They are the resident troupe of stand-up comics here at the Science Museum's Dana Centre. There are no weirdy-beardies from the OU at their gigs, just three nice boys using comedy, music and some dangerous experimentation to explain things in a way that even they can understand it.

If you want to look clever in the pub and discuss theoretical physics, or even if you are just worried about the possibility of alien invasion, come along and get inspired.

Known for explosive, mind-blowing and unadulterated stand-up comedy shows and performance about contemporary science, Punk Science has proved a huge hit with sell-out audiences here at the Dana Centre - the Science Museum's annex dedicated to discussing contemporary and controversial science in a vibrant café bar..

The fusion of comedy with serious science lecture on a range of science topics - including the science of gluttony, the global energy crisis, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Albert Einstein Experience - has led to rave reviews from the media and public alike. The Punk Scientists also made their debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year with their Einstein show.

'We take the scary edge off science,' said Jon Milton, stand-up comic and Punk Scientist. 'We explain complex science in 50 minutes of video, music, slide shows, interactive voting, sketches and bizarre experiments of dubious merit.

'This is a fantastic opportunity to make science more accessible to people. Not having a science background enables us to communicate the facts and figures, without getting too stuffy and boring.

'And if two comedians, a clown and a rock drummer can get to grips with it, then frankly, anyone can.'


Punk Science: Climate change

30 May 2007, 19:00 - 20:30

Using comedy, music and live experiments, the Punk Science team take a look at climate change. Do you want to be greener or sit on your backside, enjoy the heat and wait for the cooling sea to come to you?